We extend a warm welcome to visitors and new parishioners!

Our hope is that newcomers to our faith community will soon find a “home” here and will become registered parishioners.

We communicate regularly with the parish community via our website. Registered parishioners receive all parish communications. We hope our website answers all your questions!

Horario de MisasMass Times

6:00 pm IglesiaChurch BilingüeBilingual
10:00 am CapillaChapel EspañolSpanish
4:00 pm CapillaChapel InglésEnglish
7:00 pm IglesiaChurch EspañolSpanish
9:00 am IglesiaChurch InglésEnglish
11:30 am IglesiaChurch EspañolSpanish
6:00 pm IglesiaChurch EspañolSpanish

Confessions TimesHorario de Confesiones

3:15 - 3:50pm English
8:30 - 9:50 am InglésEnglish
10:30 - 11:15 am EspañolSpanish
5:15 - 5:50 pm InglésEnglish

What to Expect When You Visit

San Isidro is a multi-cultural parish. At 90% of registered parishioners, the parish is mainly Hispanic with about 10% of registered parishioners being of English background. San Isidro is a charismatic community that welcomes everyone.

English Masses

Saturday 4:00pm

This mass is a bit more “quieter” than the other masses.

You will see many snowbirds and retirees attending mass. Our smallest Mass is celebrated in the parish chapel with about 30 souls attending each weekend.

Sunday 9:00am

The most attended Mass (English).

Penitents can come at 8:15am for confession and those arriving about 10 minutes to 9am will experience some praise and worship music. You will see liturgical dancers in the aisle animating those gathered to praise and worship. This is a live stream mass; therefore, you will see the live stream volunteers at camara transmitting live via Facebook and YouTube this mass. All our songs, Gloria and Creed prayers are projected on the wall so you can sing and pray along with us.

Spanish Masses

Sunday, 11:30am

The most attended Mass (Spanish). Special Liturgy for children and Family of the Month.

You will see many young families with many children. Penitents needing confession should arrive at 10:30am. The line at this mass is quite long! Expect fast paced, joyful, praise and worship music with the Liturgical Dancers animating everyone to clap to the beat of the music. You will experience beautiful liturgies in the Spanish masses and well-dressed ministers proclaiming the word of God or serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Saturday, 7:00pm and Sunday, 6:00pm

These masses are more serene than the 11:30am mass.

Families with small children and infants are invited to step into the “Cry Room” to better care for their children.

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